Pinterest Working on New “Complete the Look” Option

Going off the success of their “Shop the Look” feature, Pinterest is developing a new extension called “Complete the Look”. This new option would allow users to view pins related to the products they search for, such as a hand bag to match the outfit an individual pinned.


As explained by Pinterest reps: “Complete the Look leverages rich scene context to recommend visually compatible results in Fashion and Home Decor Pins. Complete the Look takes context like an outfit, body type, season, indoors vs. outdoors, various pieces of furniture, and the overall aesthetics of a room, to power taste-based recommendations across visual search technology."

In much the same way Facebook recommends products based upon search history, this new feature lets users view complementary products that they wouldn’t necessarily search for or find themselves.


Pinterest believes the process will help users connect to these recommendations in a way that aid in the growth of its eCommerce initiatives. Since Pinterest is at the top of the social media product discovery chain, the addition could prove significant to the avid user.