Pinterest Debuts “Shop the Look” Pin Update

Since its inception, Pinterest has sought to differentiate itself from other share-heavy platforms. Known for allowing users to create “boards” centering around hobbies or design aesthetics, the site hasn’t updated its formula much since coming on the scene in 2010. However, in 2017 Pinterest introduced a new kind of pin, “Shop the Look”.


Much like its Instagram feature counterpart, “Shop the Look” provides a direct link to a purchase page for a product featured in a pin. At its introduction, the feature was only compatible with certain partnered brands, and relied mainly on human moderation. However, a new update sees the entire process going automatic.

Starting with home décor pins, Pinterest slates the update at 22.5% more pin coverage and more direct buying options to the site. The new system has been updated with a more in depth understanding of each product in the pin, using advanced image identification. With the new model, the more the tool is used, the better its product recognition gets.


With the update comes a decrease in direct partnered content. While brands can still link their sites with product pins, the automation means less need for person to person interaction. However, it ups the potential for eCommerce. With more update-in line partnerships with platforms like Shopify, Pinterest is on course to drastically increase their direct buying potential. With the update in mind, brands would be wise to devote a little time to refamiliarizing themselves with the platform.

Social MediaIshmail Omar