3 Reasons Marketers Shouldn't Overlook Pinterest

Today’s social media marketing climate has many in the industry wondering, where’s the most engagement coming from?

While it’s easy to see the impact of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, smaller giants like Pinterest are often pushed to the wayside. With growing site traffic and a diverse toolbox, however, in-the-know brands should be careful not to dismiss the popular page.


1.     Promoted Pins Can Up User Engagement

The “Promoted Pins” tool allows brands to “boost” specific pins much like you would a post on Facebook.

Research shows that an impressive 61% of users made a related purchase to the product after seeing it’s promoted pin.


2.    Users That hit all the Right Niches

Many see Pinterest as a haven for female demographics, a sort of online scrapbook or dream board planner, however a simple sweep of the site sees that it’s not so cut and dry.

More and more men and niche groups are flocking to Pinterest, and trend monitors only see this increasing with time.


3.     In-app Purchasing for Pins

Pinterest, much like Instagram, is now offering tools to “shop a look”.

Pinners can even buy products in the app itself. Thanks to eCommerce, this feature is already proving to be a big draw for users.

So while its benefits may not be as clear or immediately measurable as its sister platforms, Pinterest is moving up the ranks in more ways than one. Influencers, investors, and users alike would be remiss to overlook it.


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