How to Optimize Returns on Influencer Campaigns

It’s plain to any regular user of social media that influencer marketing is the new normal for in-the-know brands.

The hip cousin to celebrity endorsements, influencer promotion is quickly becoming an industry standard. However with the newness of the frontier comes a best practice gray area. What kind of influencers should you be searching for? What are reasonable asks? How do you make sure they follow through on content? With a little research and some outreach savvy, the terrain isn’t as hard to navigate as you may think.


Look for Influencers Familiar With Your Field

Regardless of following, not every content creator is going to be right for your brand.

It’s very important to keep your unique perspective in mind when conducting your search. It isn’t exactly rocket science (a fashion influencer won’t be a good fit for a tech app, for instance), but for the less clearly defined needs of your campaign, it’s helpful to have end goals in mind. Look to other brands that have used influencers in the past, and note their successes or missteps. It can also be good to utilize platforms like Instagram. Conduct searches using hashtags relating to your product, and note what kind of users show up.


Make Sure Deliverables are Clear Cut

As with more traditional marketing, using contracts and deal memos can take a lot of the guesswork out of your influencer collaboration.

With specialty areas that are still relatively new, like influencer outreach, having defined language surrounding your needs and intent is crucial. Even if you are just in beginning talks with a potential spokes-influencer, making your expectations known will cut out anyone who may prove an ill fit down the line.


Learn From Your Missteps

Adopt an attitude of learning from your mistakes vs. mourning them.

The influencer marketing arena is still fresh compared to its predecessors, so there remain kinks to work out. While the above-mentioned will help a lot, you should always account for human error. As you embark on new campaigns, keep in mind what did and didn’t work in past ones. Make note of what optimises the results of different creators, and keep spreadsheets of the findings.  


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Ryan Connolly