How to Optimize Your Instagram for E-Commerce

Now that Instagram has over a billion monthly users, and the traffic to match, it’s position at the top of the social platform totem pole is all but cemented. A lot of brand presence has come with this recognition, with 80% of Instagram users following at least one brand profile. Across business sizes and mediums, Instagram is proving to be a strong resource for audience engagement, and more recently, e-commerce. However, in an environment where best practices and algorithms are in constant flux, it can be tricky to navigate the best plan of attack for your brand and it’s needs. Find below a few tips and tricks for getting started or staying on track.


Create Unique-to-you Content

If your brand has been in the Instagram game for a while, you likely already have a handle on what interests and draws in your target audience. With that knowledge, the next step towards optimizing your page for e-commerce is to differentiate yourself from similar brands. Besides focusing purely on content quality and aesthetic (though those are also important), make an effort to create posts that showcase the unique attributes of your brand. Also, follow the image up with an engaging question or relevant link.


Keep up With Promotional Posts

Whether it’s in the form of a giveaway or an influencer collaboration, promotional posts are the bread and butter of Instagram e-commerce. It’s important to set a clear intention and call to action with promotional posts first and foremost. Adding a link to your website or a specific product is another surefire way to up the post engagement. Finally, never underestimate the power of hashtags. From branded hashtags, to key terms related to your product, hashtags spread the post to its full potential.


Implement Growth Tools

When getting started in building brand presence on Instagram, or with e-commerce, there’s no shame in using tools. The majority of your focus should be on content creation and strategy, and using tools to monitor the back-end and schedule posts can be super helpful. Put some time into researching tools to suit your needs, such as Kicksta for automated “liking”, and Later for scheduling posts in advance.


Review Your Analytics

Never underestimate the power of the analytics at your disposal. By researching and observing which posts perform best and what engagement styles your followers most respond to, you can tailor your plan of approach for optimal growth and traffic. Again, utilize tools (such as Instagram’s free Insights), and take a little time daily or weekly to track your stats.