New Study Breaks Down Facebook Video Trends

Across all social media platforms, video content proves to be the most popular time and time again. For brands looking to keep their engagement style up to date, video is a medium well worth investing in. Endeavoring to keep on top of the trend, social data researcher SocialInsider has come out of with a new report after analyzing over 9 million Facebook video posts. See four of the most important trend findings below.


Take Note of Vertical Video

The study found that the rise of the Stories feature has had a major impact. According to the report, vertical video has now surpassed all other forms of video as the most popular on Facebook. As vertical becomes the norm, it moves closer to being the standard, meaning it’s an option brands should be considering and investing research in.


Use of Vertical Depends on Industry

The above aside, the study found that which brands most utilized vertical depended on said brands market. More visual-dependent brands such as fashion and travel seem to be generating the most vertical content, while sports are lower on the scale.

Video Length is Important

Ideal video length should be determined by the brand and content. If the intent of the video needs more than a minute to be realized, that’s fine-however, by an admittedly lowering percentage, shorter videos still seem to do better on most platforms.


Live Streams Up Engagement

Though it has leveled out a bit since its initial introduction, live streams still see a decent spike in engagement. Consumers enjoy live streams because it’s a chance to engage and interact with products and content creators live and offer IRL feedback.

TrendsMaria Vasbotten