Facebook Releases Guide to Reaching Your Audience at Optimum Times

According to a brand-new report from Facebook, people are beginning to shift the way they interact with each other online. The “Moments that Bring People Closer Together” report outlines how individuals now tend to connect around events and celebrations, a departure from standard postings.


According to the report:

"We have entered an age where people expect more relevance and personalized experiences for all the moments they take part in. Marketers and agencies can’t have a one-size-fits-all, calendar-based approach to moments planning. In this curated world, there is more complexity for advertisers, but also, more opportunity to create meaningful connections between people and brands around relevant moments."

The report gathers that overall, due in no small part to the rise of apps and in-app tools, engagement ramps up around events big and small, allowing marketers a new venue for targeting key audiences.

This update is part of the larger “Moments That Matter” push that was introduced a few years back. Find some of the major takeaways from the report in the easily digestible graphics below, then read the full report here.