Marking Good Engagement in Influencer Marketing

Though influencer marketing is still relatively new on the scene, existing for little more than a decade, it’s impact on the marketing landscape on the whole is well established. Current estimates have global revenues for the niche somewhere between 2.38 billion and 10 billion. It’s a wide range that proves there is a steady cash flow and a lot of market interest.

With all this growth comes the growing pains-specifically, finding the metrics to measure engagement in this constantly developing field. Influencer marketing all but completely hinges on engagement rates, so it’s crucial to keep up-to-date on the best practices and trends alike. This in mind, influencer platform CreatorIQ launched a study of over 200k campaign postings across the major platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) from the past three years.


The data points per platform were:

  • Instagram: Likes, comments and followers at time of post

  • YouTube: Likes, comments, shares and video views at time of analysis

  • Facebook: Reactions, comments, shares and followers at time of post

  • Twitter: Likes, replies, retweets and followers at time of post

 Find some graphics outlining the major takeaways below: