Four Tips for Making the Most of Influencer Marketing

For businesses in the startup phase, to established companies alike, influencer marketing has proven a tactile investment.

While the concept of using household names to sell products is far from revolutionary, the market for content creator endorsements has blown up in recent years. Platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have created an outreach environment that evolves and grows with its users, allowing brands to reach various demographics like never before. With so many ways to approach influencer marketing, it can be unclear where to begin. We’ve compiled four expert tips below to serve as starting points to make sure you get the most out of your first foray.


Consider Your Options Carefully

Working with the right influencer can make or break an endeavor.

When choosing a content creator to highlight your product or campaign, it’s important to consider a few key variables such as: audience, long-term goals, and background. Does the influencer have a following comprised of people who’d want your product? Do they have potential to work for future projects? Do they have values and content that aligns with your brands needs? Consider these questions before moving forward.


Make use of Video

Studies are showing that many consumers prefer to learn about products through video content (as opposed to reading a block of text in a description box).

Sites like YouTube have become staples for influencer brand deals. With a video, it’s easy for creators to relay information on a brand or product in a way that’s both concise and relatable. Utilizing video is a surefire way to make a point come across as fun and organic.


Make Sure Your Objectives are Realistic

When working with an influencer it’s important to keep the scope of your project in mind.

Is it a large campaign, or a smaller activation? Depending on the answer, you’ll want to set obtainable goals for the content. Consider the influencers engagement, past work, and success rate. Progress should be easy to track and measure.

While it’s simple to track analytics on platforms like Facebook, make an effort to consider long-term, big picture deliverables along the way.


Keep Tabs on the Market

Much like the market itself, social media platforms are ever evolving.

Where it used to be as simple as shooting a potential collaborator a message, many influencers now have whole teams behind their profiles. Making sure you are on the same page with your influencer is paramount. Make every effort to keep up-to-date on the various marketing tools and apps, and check in with the necessary parties at every stage of your activation.


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Vicki Frid