You Can Now Make Organic Influencer Posts Into Ads on Insta

After successful testing in March, Instagram is making a new conversion option available for advertisers app-wide. Branded content ads allow advertisers to capitalize on organic posts from their partnered influencers. The new development will be available in the next few weeks, with Stories conversions in the coming months.


Before brands can start utilizing the new tool, the influencer has to give them access to promote their posts. Once this has been achieved via the Advanced Settings page, brands will be able to see the posts in the Ads Manager under “Existing Posts” and can make the content an ad.


As Instagram continues is growth trajectory as the go-to app for consumers to interact with content creators, this marks a shift in the way said influencers interact with brands. This new way of developing branded content saves time and effort on behalf of the advertiser, while also helping Instagram’s bottom line. The move comes as more and more brands chase the all-important authenticity that made influencer marketing so successful to begin with, though all content under the new guidelines will include “Paid Partnership” at posts’ end.