YouTube Vs. Instagram-Which is Right for Your Campaign?

Influencer marketing is far from being a one-size-fits-all entity. As social platforms evolve, it’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to know the key differences between them. Depending on what your brand or specific campaign needs to be successful, putting the main focus on one platform can be make or break. So how do you go about identifying the best space for your content? Read on for three key differences in approaching two giants: YouTube and Instagram.


Determine Your Main Priorities

Depending heavily on what the overall goal of your campaign is, different platforms will have different pros and cons. In the case of YouTube and Insta, one of the main differences is turnaround. While Instagram Stories for instance may garner a speedier spike in interest, YouTube description links will stay up as long as the video does and may facilitate steadier engagement.


Consider Your Timeline

While the turnaround on producing content for Insta is undoubtably speedier, video often allows for more robust information relay. If you’re looking for a faster bit of content and value immediate reach over staying power, Instagram could be a better fit, whereas a well-produced YouTube video has potential to be used for months to come.


Look at Traffic Vs. Engagement

Consider where you’d ideally like your potential customers to land after discovering your product. With YouTube, thanks to the “suggested” section and other algorithms, one video can significantly help your overall impressions. If you want to take a more influencer heavy approach, Instagram is the more established option.

Social MediaAlessio Puddu