Key Insights Ahead of Pinterest Going Public Next Week

It’s a week of insights for influencer marketing and social platform engagement as an analysis of various new studies, organized by Mobile Marketer, zeroes in on what Pinterest users are looking for in 2019. Find below: highlights and key insights.


The Short of it:

Pinterest users are apparently much more likely than the average US adult to be adventurous and material-oriented, according to Forbes. These characteristics make Pinterest users an ideal target for marketers in the travel, food, music, and tech industries.

69% of US adults (on Pinterest at least once a week) are considered adventure-seeking, compared to the 55% average. YouGov defines adventurous as more likely to travel and interact with new products.

Furthermore, Pinterest users are more likely to experiment with new recipes, 81% over the 69% of all US adults. 


Things to Come:

Pinterest is generating a lot of buzz as the platform prepares to go public next week. However, the company is working to manage expectations after similar apps debuted to disappointing result. The YouGov survey of US adults reaffirms that Pinterest users are more open to new experiences and brands. The platforms modus operandi makes it particularly attractive to marketers.

Pinterest has taken steps to appeal to mobile marketers in the past year. In August, the platform offered a new ad format that’s four times bigger than standard video ads. In October, they debuted product pins that display up-to-the-minute pricing and inventory information. February saw the launch of “Shop the Look”, a feature that greatly reduced the dependence on human employees to match images and product links.

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