Sitting Down with Influencer Julian Piket

With 39% of marketers planning to increase their influencer budget this year, the social media marketing trend seems unlikely to dissipate.

As its usage increases, brands are sure to be faced with some interesting challenges. Chief among them will be adjusting to the necessity of creating real relationships with their digital representatives;  as CROWD. has covered before, millennial consumers insist upon to authenticity, transparency, and sense of collaboration between their favorite social media moguls and brands.

We spoke to Julian Piket, a model and influencer who calls himself a “coffee addicted vegan.” Julian has amassed over 17.5 thousand followers on Instagram alone, posting photos of his menswear modeling campaigns, travel activities, and active lifestyle. CROWD. sat down with the Netherlander to discuss his social media experiences, his platform preferences, and what goes into a successful influencer career.


Was it always your intention or hope to become an influencer?

Actually, no. I wanted to use social media, and especially Instagram, to promote myself as a model and to attract more jobs. Once I got more followers, the influencer life began.

What are the main social platforms you focus on? What are their benefits in terms of outreach?

Instagram is my main platform, but I also use Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube. The benefits of the latter are the capacity for video content, and if you want to reach an older or younger audience than Instagram.


Do you use your platforms to promote your personal interests, such as veganism?

I do, actually, and one of those things is indeed my veganism. The reason why I promote my personal interests is so that I can show my personality on my account, which makes it more unique. Being vegan is a way of life that is healthy, environmentally friendly and animal friendly. I’m not saying that anyone has to be vegan, but I hope to contribute to a better world.


What are some of the most important things you've learned about promotion and branding on social media?

Consistency is key. Your followers have expectations, and you can’t change your game every single day. Stick to your plan.


What are three things you wish people knew about being an influencer/social media figure?

Not everything is real. We are just humans like everyone else. The life of an influencer isn’t perfect.


How important is it to have a team backing you as you create content for your platforms?

It’s quite important for me. Teams keep you motivated, make sure you stick to your plan, and can help you in certain areas of marketing communication.


What has been your favorite campaign you've worked on?

My favorite campaign for CROWD is with Nescafé. It was about Nescafé Azera, a new espresso flavor which you can make instantly with hot water.


What is the main benefit of social media influencing over traditional marketing?

Social media influencing is relatively cheap compared with traditional marketing. The main benefit for me is that you can reach a very specific target group and measure the results.


From the beginning of your influencer career to today, what do you consider your largest overall accomplishment?

My collaboration with Oatly. It is not a big accomplishment, but I name it now because Oatly stands for exactly the things I stand for. They promote veganism and I love the way they communicate to their audience.


What do you believe is the future of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing will always be there, and will be more and more popular. The marketing channels can change, but the influencers stay. It is way more personal than traditional marketing.


Where do you think you as an influencer will be in five years time?

I am traveling more and more every year, so I guess I’ll be posting more videos next to my photos. In that way, people will get a better impression of the places I visit. I will be using Youtube more than I am now.


What is the best lesson you've learned as an influencer?

In the beginning I was proud that brands wanted to collaborate with me. Now I think more carefully about if the brand fits well to my type of account. As an influencer, you have to think about what brands meet your style and what brands don’t.


What apps do you use, if any, to keep track of your various campaigns and accounts?

I use Iconsquare to keep track of my accounts.


Does social media influencing allow you to flex your creativity?

It definitely does! In the content I make for brands I have to think of ways to present a product that fits both to my account and what the brands stand for. This makes it more of a challenge, but it also means I have to be more creative.


Staying on top of the marketing sea change might seem daunting, but as Julian reminds us, influencers are just people.

By gaining insight into their experiences and prioritizing a real human connection, brands will find increasing success with minimal risk. We cast talent like Julian, who can be found on Instagram as julianpiket, and others by matching not only their aesthetic to a brand but their audience analytics for the best ROI. Go to CROWD. for more details on our Influencer Marketing services, or send us an email to