Introducing Our New Year's Contest Winner: Jeanette Johnson!

“Imagine a fashion magazine full of women just like us – moms, college students, professionals, in all shapes and sizes, on a budget and dressing for the challenges of everyday life. There would be no models, no Photoshop, no fancy backdrops, just real women talking real fashion.  I want that magazine to be a reality someday. For now, I bring you J’s Everyday Fashion. Not a personal style blog, but the study of one girl’s closet.”

Jeanette Johnson of J’s Everyday Fashion, the winner of the CROWD. and DevTribe New Year contest, has been championing the idea of real women talking real fashion for close to a decade.

The above mission statement can be found on her style blog, begun in 2010.

J’s Everyday Fashion is the fruit borne of a lifetime’s worth of admiration for fabrics, textures, and colors. It’s all about empowering women, offering fashion advice on a budget and encouraging both joy and reflection in one’s style journey. The down-to-earth style blog was the winner of ShopStyle’s Best Everyday Style in 2016 and Sunshine Awards Orlando’s Blog of the Year in 2013 and 2015.


Jeanette herself graduated from the University of Kansas in 2005, with a BS in Journalism and a BA in Communication Studies. She does not consider herself an authority on fashion, a perspective which ensures her place in the ranks of truly authentic influencers. “I am just an average girl, so if I can do this stuff, then you guys definitely can too!” she writes. “My sense of style is completely self-taught.”

Growing up in Kansas in a traditional family, Jeanette was taught the benefits of frugality and frequently made to feel that clothing was a necessity rather than a viable outlet for expression. The catalyst finally came after her first year of college, when she needed clothes for her job. She set a careful budget, which helped soothe her feelings of guilt at the expenditure, and made her first foray into fashion.

As she fell deeper into the style world, she encountered more friction between her traditional values and her desire for freedom.

The blogger found herself up against early-learned and deeply-ingrained rules that she was no longer sure she agreed with. “There’s a part of my personality that’s a total rebel and anything that society tells us, I immediately want to question it,” Jeanette said, “[but] I want to follow the rules and I want to break all the rules.”

In that way, Jeanette’s blog is a fascinating culmination of her thrifty upbringing with her well-developed sense of style. One of her main focuses is still thriftiness and finding one’s own personal fashion sense without breaking the bank. Her page is peppered with relevant quotes intended to help her readers find balance in their style journey, and all over her blog, Jeanette takes a moderate approach to the ideologies of the fashion world.

“I think we are often too concerned with telling other women what they are wearing is not “right," or worrying about what others might think.”

Her position on the intersection of freedom of expression and societal mores makes her highly accessible as an influencer, acting as a beacon for others who also strive to honor both their passions and their values. Millennial shoppers, in particular, gravitate towards the most relatable of Internet celebrities. A loyal following is essential to forming a really successful online presence, and Jeanette’s unassuming approach is a major draw. Her self-effacing nature increases her natural magnetism for her followers. “I always felt that I was not creative enough, or pretty enough, or had enough money, to pull off what I was seeing though (which is what I want to change about fashion journalism).” This quote from her FAQ reveals not only a deep sense of modesty and gratitude for her success, but also a larger goal for her career and for change within the industry. Jeanette’s vision is for a more widely accessible fashion world, in addition to her fashion sense, makes her an admirable figure in the eyes of her 55.6k followers on Instagram.

Jeanette does not consider herself a “creative”-- she admits to being more “Type A.” To that end, the blogger is a strong advocate for a disciplined approach to creativity. “Exercise it like you would any other muscle!” she writes. Those who follow Jeanette will be hard-pressed NOT to exercise their creativity-- so much of the blogger’s wardrobe is taken from thrift stores, her outfits are often impossible to replicate directly. She insists that it’s about creating variations on a theme, rather than pure imitation. She also advocates a playful approach to the nitty-gritty of fashion, encouraging fashion mistakes and ultimately using them as launch pads for finding your personal style.

Her Instagram is riotous with hot pinks, happy yellows, and sassy greens.

Every photo is light and full of fun-- much like Jeanette herself. In her words, “Joy is where the authenticity is.”

She continues her quest to make fashion more fun (and guilt-free) with her first book “J’s Everyday Fashion and Faith: Personal Style with Purpose” (Waterfall Press, Oct. 3), which was recently profiled by InStyle Magazine. The book is perfect for anyone who is struggling to connect two sides of their personalities that don’t feel like they fit, or for anyone interested in learning more about the views and relationships that can form around fashion.


As our contest winner, Jeanette and J’s Everyday Fashion will receive the following:

  • Branding KitSite Design

  • Business PlanMarketing PlaMonetization Strategy

CROWD.and DevTribe are proud and excited to work with this thoughtful and authentic style influencer, and help her grow her presence to further impact the fashion world.