An Introductory Guide to "Nanoinfluencers"

In this day and age, you’d be hard pressed to find an individual who hadn’t heard of influencer marketing. The prolific approach has grown steadily in popularity since the terms coining in the early thousands, and is today considered a must for social media-heavy brands. Influencer marketing has in fact become such an industry standard, that best practices and subsets have begun to emerge. While everyone is familiar with the big names, and even “macroinfluencers” (generally referring to influencers with more than 100k followers), the new trend sure to pick up in 2019 is that of “nanoinfluencers”.

What is a Nanoinfluencer?

The term nanoinfluencer refers to individuals with a follower count of 1-10k. Depending on where they land on that sliding scale, the person can be considered an influencer or a rising personality. A nanoinfluencers content is often diverse. Their pages have an approachable, friend-next-door vibe because in many cases, the majority of their following consists of friends, family, and acquaintances.

The Benefits

Though it may seem counterintuitive to invest in content creators with smaller followings and an unfocused range, that’s actually where the nanoinfluencers strengths lie. Brands are able to allocate smaller funds to these campaigns while having the same, if not greater, amount of control on the method and deliverables. While the nanoinfluencer may not have a large following, this leaves room for partnerships that can grow with them, and a ground-floor loyalty that pays off in the long term.

Furthermore, the pool of nanoinfluencers to choose from and expand upon is seemingly limitless, where bigger name social media stars can by the sheer scope and oversaturation of their popularity be overlooked by consumers. Working with an individual who is just beginning to build their brand means they can lend a genuine, approachable quality to yours.

Is it Right for Your Campaign?

Depending on the unique needs of your campaign, a nanoinfluencer can make an apt addition to your marketing strategy. Consider:

-What type of audience you are trying to reach

-What qualities you want said audience to attribute to your product

-If the campaign should prioritize content over reach

-Is budget a major concern?

-What kind of face to you want to put to your brand

Once you know the answers, and have a game plan in mind, you should be able to judge if a nanoinfluencer is the right fit for the job.