Instagram's New Countdown Feature: How can brands utilise It?

Instagram continues to surprise and impress everyone with new features and tools for Instagram Stories.

As of the 12th of December, users are able to create countdown timers with the help of the Countdown Sticker

First things first: what is the Countdown Sticker?

Think of it as an alarm clock for your next product launch or big event that will keep your viewers alerted and “give them a nudge” when the countdown ends. As we all know, Instagram Stories are visible for only 24 hours, so what happens with the sticker? Fortunately, it will stay as a Story until your countdown ends.

Additionally when someone taps on your countdown sticker, they'll be given 2 options: either set a reminder for when the countdown ends, or share the countdown with their followers.


The next question is: why is it useful for brands?

Brands can keep their audience engaged and utilise the Countdown Sticker for:

  • Product launches

  • Special Promotions

  • Webinars

  • Events 

  • Live Q&A’s

So what are you waiting for? Time to step up your Instagram marketing game!