Instagram's Q&A Stickers Improve Upon Poll Stickers for Engagement

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Instagram continues to surprise and delight its users with new features and tools for Instagram Stories. Reports have begun circulating of a “Nametag” ability, which uses scannable codes to connect users to profiles.

The platform has also officially released “Focus” mode, specifically for selfies. 


Now, Instagram is working toward a new feature: the Q&A sticker. This sticker will allow users to ask questions within the Stories flow, but the responses remain private. This sticker is set to become another option in your Stories toolset. Unlike Poll stickers, the responses to Q’s wouldn’t have to be multiple choice, and the results are not visible to the public. 

The implementation of Q&A stickers could be a massively beneficial for brands looking to collect feedback on new products or improvements they can make to their service. Users who wish to provide honest feedback (the lifeblood of any good social media campaign), they can do so without fear of public visibility. It’s also good for simple queries that the asker may feel uncomfortable posting in an open forum. 

As Instagram continues to update its Stories tools, the functionality of the option improves, and the platform’s 300 million daily users enjoy more versatility from the app.

Instagram has already done a lot to distance itself from Snapchat, the originator of the format. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees the Stories format as the future of social sharing, likely to surpass even the News Feed, which may explain why Facebook has been working so hard to make Facebook Stories happen. 

Q&A stickers on Instagram are yet another reason for brands to start incorporating Stories into their strategies-- they are another mechanism for the unique and creative engagement opportunities Instagram is already famous for. To help you stay on top of your Instagram game, visit  CROWD. or send an email to our team, at

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