Research Shows Instagram is one of the top Platforms for Engagement


More and more brands are putting their money and faith in Instagram, as it continues its climb up the social media ladder.

The popular platform is proving to be a go-to method for catering to the millennial market.


Aside from being the most used influencer platform, projections show that it is poised to grow more in coming years, unlike some of it’s sister sites. Few other platforms, research is finding, have the integration opportunities afforded Instagram.  An influencer could build a following based on anything from their sense of style to their taste in travel destinations, conjure brand deals from these interests, and a few months down the line when these collaborations bring in more engagement, launch products of their own. The whole timeline may seem too perfect, but it has proven true for many influencers (granted they have the proper team and insight backing them).

Studies show that a phenomenal 74% of consumers use social media

to inform and shepherd their purchases. With the above research in mind, the time for marketers to jump on the Instagram bandwagon is now.


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