Instagram Experiments With Tap-Through Feeds

Over the holidays, Instagram surprised users by abruptly replacing their familiar scrollable feed. The new style, which was rolled back as quickly as it was introduced, had users advancing to the next post by tapping. Fans of the app were quick to express their displeasure over the change, prompting Instagram to reverse the switch, calling it a “bug”.


 Instagram had in fact meant to offer the new tap-through feed to a group of beta users, but ended up releasing it app-wide instead by accident. While this led to general dissent amongst Instagram users, it seems the switch over is imminent. With similar social platforms putting more and more stake in the “Stories” setting, it appears the app will soon move to make its overall format match the trend.  


The move to meet trending demands comes as a challenge for parent company Facebook as well. While Facebook users have more than embraced the Stories function, it points to a potentially problematic downswing in on-site advertising venues. Facebook is unable to display as many ads in Stories as in the News Feed. Back on Instagram, the new tap-through feed may have a reverse effect, making it easier for sponsored content to reach new markets through the sheer size of the display. Only time will tell if users stay loyal to the app after the change happens for real.