Instagram Exploring New Method of Branded Influencer Post Promotion

Instagram recently announced that it is exploring a new ad method that would let brands and influencers collaborate in a more up front and monetarily sound way. The “branded content ads” as they are called, would let brands sponsor posts from celebrities and other influencers, aiding with their promotion.


Up until this development, brands were only able to hire Instagram influencers to promote branded content to said influencers range of followers. With branded content ads, the advertiser also promotes the post, doubling the scope of the ad.

Granted, companies could already use influencer posts on their own profiles, but with this new twist, the process is streamlined. The effort is essentially an extension of paid partnership tags, but expanding the method to promotional posts as well.


The move comes as Instagram doubles down on efforts to remove less authentic interactions from the platform such as follower and like purchasing.