3 Ways to Make Instagram Collections Work for You

Move over, Instagram Stories! Instagram Collections ARE here to take YOUR place as OUR new favorite tool! 

Whether you’re a brand saving user-generated content or a personal user saving yummy recipes, this tool offers a way to keep all of that content organized and at your fingertips. Gone are the days of screenshotting your favorite posts or hitting the paper airplane icon to send the post to some other platform. And no longer will you worry about scrolling back to find a lost photograph. With Instagram Collections, you can save all the posts you want in one place and review them as you see fit.

The tool is an expansion on Instagram’s “saved posts” feature, which was definitely useful in its own right-- we would never have found that DIY terrarium post again. But now you can create Pinterest-like boards that will not only store your content, but sort them into categories. And boom, Instagram just became your personal vision board. 

Now, if you have an Instagram business account, the new tools get more sophisticated from here. Instagram’s metrics now include “saved” posts, allowing you to see the number of unique accounts that have marked your posts for later. Likes, comments, saves, and more are available in your metrics tab.

To get there, open your business profile, then tap the “bar graph” icon in the top right corner of your profile. Scroll down to Posts and select “See More.” Finally, tap the hyperlinked text at the top of the screen and adjust the filter so that you can see your saved posts. 

Metrics aside-- how do you save posts to Instagram collections in the first place? It’s simple! All you have to do is tap the “bookmark” button below a post. Later, you can open your bookmarks by navigating to your own insta page and tapping the bookmark icon once again. These saved posts are private and accessible only to you. Up in the top right of your “Saved” page is a little plus sign. Tap it, and Instagram will guide you through creating a brand-new collection. Choose a name for your new board, hit “Next”, and then tap any of your saved posts to add them to you collection.


Don’t forget to tap “Done” when you’re satisfied!

Not into sorting through things later? No worries! You can create new collections AND send posts directly to the right board. Instead of tapping the “bookmark” button, hold it.

To help keep you on track and inspired, here are three ways to stay organized and use your Instagram Collections to their fullest abilities.


Manage Your User-Generated Content

As young companies like FashionNova and Glossier are demonstrating, you can now use User-Generated Content to build your brand from scratch. 

There are a few tools you can use to keep your Instagram feed gorgeous and full of relevant content. Later’s Search and Repost feature is perfect for tracking high-quality content through your business’ hashtag. 

If you come across a post you love organically, however, Instagram’s Saved Posts tool can help make sure that content doesn’t slip through your fingers. If you see a beautiful photo you want to repost while scrolling through your own feed, add it to a collection to keep inspiration on hand.

Tagged Instagram posts are also only available through the app, which is another reason Collections is a game-changer. As you go through your tagged photos, you can save the best straight to your boards. Plus, you can create collections to showcase specific products, colors, or themes.

For a little more advice on curating your Instagram you can check out Later’s free Instagram training course, How to Create Your Instagram Aesthetic.


Monitor Your Competitors

Let’s face it, Insta-stalking your competitors is as important as it is irresistable. Since your Collections are private-- and your competitors won’t know if you’ve saved one of their posts-- saving posts about their products or features is a great way to watch the way they’re engaging with their followers. 

Use their posts or captions for your own inspiration later, track their hashtags, and keep an eye on their aesthetic by collecting their posts in your saved folder.

Build a Digital Moodboard

Pinterest is great, but there’s something about the clean squares of Instagram Collections that keeps us coming back. That’s what makes it such a perfect platform for a mood board. It’s super easy to make collections for any mood or aesthetic-- no screenshotting necessary. Gorgeous high heels? Beautiful succulent planters? Unique DIYs? Whatever your business is into, you can keep all your favorite photos in one place and separate from your other content. 

Or maybe you’re trying to build your brand’s personality and need a collection to share with your team, photographers, or influencers. Clarify your vision for yourself and your collaborators.

Instagram continues to up its game both as a tool and a source of entertainment. For more advice, inspiration, and tech news about this and other platforms, visit CROWD. or send an email to hello@crowd.agency.

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