3 Ways to Improve Your Storytelling on Instagram

Telling a believable and genuine story has always been a huge part of successful social marketing. In 2019, users trust in online marketing and reviews, particularly on Instagram, is at an all-time high. Research also shows that consumers are more likely to convert when product pages employ a personal story. So, how do you start to integrate storytelling into your own brand page on Insta? Find our top three tips for getting started below.


Know What Makes You Unique

A successful brand story needs to be rooted in what’s genuine, so a great place to start is highlighting what makes yours unique. By illuminating the values your particular brand strives to embody, your audience will feel more connected to you. Since Instagram is a visuals-driven platform, it’s also crucial to translate said values graphically. Make sure your content is aesthetically uniform and true to the overall story of your brand.


Get Your Aesthetic Down

In that same vein, it’s important to create a cohesive visual experience on your page. Whether it’s a color scheme, or a unique layout, your overall aesthetic is what ties your content together. You can also use visuals to target specific audiences, like using bright colors for brands geared towards children or fashion.


Reference Your Data

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your marketing approach and forget the big picture-your audience. Make use of the various tracking tools Instagram has available-like analytics. Once you have key facts about your audience in mind-what drives their purchases, their ages and locations, etc.-you’ll know how to best craft your story.

Social MediaVicki Frid