Highlights of the New Sports Influencer Marketing Survey

A survey from influencer agency Cascade is shedding new light on the growing role of influencer marketing in sports entertainment. According to its findings, more than 65% of sports marketers now believe influencer marketing to be a necessity to their brand’s success.


Furthermore, 45% of sports teams have increased their influencer budget as of last year, 25% of said marketers spending over 20k on their influencer programs.

On top of these increases in programming, it also seems influencer program management needs time to become optimized. For brands, the major benefits of investing in influencer marketing are social media engagement and creating authentic-feeling content. With sports brands, success is measured by engagement, reach, and follower count and growth.


As far as the unique challenges of influencer marketing in the sports space, the survey reveals the top deterrent was proper fit. Following closely behind is a lack of education regarding the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). All in all, the survey was very telling as to the state of influencer marketing’s growth on the whole.