3 Reasons Your Startup Needs to Invest in Influencer Marketing

In 2018, the startup landscape has changed immensely. The pivot towards social media-based marketing, along with ever-diversifying industry standards, can make it difficult to keep up with marketing trends. Add in the often-limited funding that comes with startup territory, and it’s plain to see why close to half of new businesses can fail in their first year.  

Enter Influencer marketing. With tiered campaign approaches and follower counts to match any budget, using a content creator can seriously aid in engagement and growth. Still need convincing? Find our top three reasons to consider investing in influencer marketing for your startup below:

1.     You Can Tailor Engagement

As discussed in a previous article, using influencers in your marketing plan is an excellent way to maximize your reach. When you go in with a content creator, you’re able to create a custom plan of attack not easily achieved with traditional marketing. Choose an individual whose page focuses on values and aesthetics aligning with your own, or one that simply has a great track record for engagement. Allocating even a small amount of your budget to influencer activations opens your startup to a wider range of networks and future growth.

2.     You’ll be on Top of the Trend

At the end of the day, all marketing is heading in the direction of social. In fact, Forbes estimates that content marketing will be an industry worth more than $400 billion by 2021. No need to wax-poetic when the trends and stats speak for themselves: by investing in influencer marketing now, you’re vastly increasing your chances of future success.

3.     You Humanize Your Brand at the Ground Level

There’s no better (or more crucial) time to start building trust and loyalty in your brand then at the startup phase. In a sea of similar products and one-upping aesthetics, influencers are the best way to set your own efforts apart and begin cultivating a following. Content creators, whether they are seasoned pros or overnight sensations, bring credibility and audience. In a scene where your business is still finding its niche, investing in a well-loved face and voice should be an easy choice.