Influencer Collaborations are Becoming a Force in Luxury Retail

In an immediacy driven social media environment, the question of late on the minds of many is: will influencer marketing last?

With all the continuing updates and innovations to social media, where will the influencer generation land a few years down the line?


With or without answers to those burning questions, many influencers have begun planning for the inevitable changes to the scene. More and more content creators are building brands around their name, and retailers are taking notice.

Big brand department store Nordstrom, for instance, has been collaborating with these entrepreneurial social media stars by way of fashion lines and campaigns. In many ways, such coactions are the millennial eras answer to the limited-edition celebrity lines so popular in the early thousands (think Hillary Duff for Candies and Britney Spears Perfumes). In influencer crossovers, however, retailers have found an opportunity to build lasting relationships and reach niche markets.  


To date, one of the most successful campaigns of this kind has to be that of influencer Arielle Charnas and her line ‘Something Navy’. Working with the Nordstrom-exclusive brand Treasure & Bond, her release garnered $1 million in sales in less than 24 hours. That number would likely not have been reached had it not been for the scope of Charnas’s influence. Based on the success of the venture, Nordstrom has now released plans to launch a dedicated Something Navy line this fall, a testament to the power of influencer support.

With other luxury retailers like Barneys getting in on the game with similar collaborations, it’s easy to see ‘post-influencer marketing influencer marketing’ as a viable promotional vehicle for both the future and the present.


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Ryan Connolly