How to Build Your Businesses YouTube Channel

When it comes to on-demand video content, YouTube is the OG. While more and more platforms are tuning into the short form trend, YouTube remains a major player in visual information relay. With research stating nearly 48% of U.S. marketers are gearing up to increase their YouTube presence over the coming year, it seems the platform won’t be losing steam anytime soon. If you’re a brand looking to do the same, read on for 3 tips on gaining views and subscribers for your YouTube endeavors.


Optimize Everything

As with most social marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is paramount. With YouTube’s unique algorithm in mind, double checking details such as your video’s tags can make all the difference. Use bold keywords and attention-grabbing titles to up traffic to your page, and make sure you have the content to keep the engagement going once there.


YouTube is great for cross-promoting, as it provides integrated social links that let you share videos across your social platforms. It’s a simple yet effective tool for driving traffic and generating buzz.


Stress Quality over Quantity

While more content may seem like best practice, research shows consumers value quality over quantity. Over saturation fatigue is a real thing, so posting once a week or so (with a set schedule), is often the best route. Invest in good equipment and knowledgeable editors, and your views are much more likely to increase.