How Esport Influencers Make Money on Twitch

Within the Esport community, Twitch is known as having lots of ways for influencers to monetize their presence. From donations to subscriber counts, there’s myriad ways make a living on the platform. 

Many of the brands working in the realm of Esports are native to the territory: headphone makers, software companies, etc. As it grows in popularity, however, more seemingly unrelated companies are getting in on the action as well. Notable brands such as Monster Energy and Uber Eats getting involved shows a major shift in Esport monetization visibility.


Furthermore, developers have started using sponsorships to help promote their games, with engagement spiking around highly anticipated releases. These activations are shorter lived then the average partnership, but can be nonetheless lucrative for influencers. Streamers can be paid to promote new games for as little as a few hours, and if the game is of interest to their followers, will continue to play after this time slot.

As far as long-term brand sponsorship, the rules remain overall similar to those of other fields. A brand will pay their chosen influencer or influencers to promote their products. Influencer collaborations can take the form of streamers displaying branded content during their streams, such as banners or other branded items. Other brands, such as software platform Razer, will go as far as to send a streamer brand new equipment to use and discuss during their streams. That brand of activation (no pun intended), comes off as organic to users, and thus boosts both visibility and trust in the company.


Perhaps the most unique to Esports influencer marketing is the sponsored stream method. Usually used as a short-term engagement to ramp up interest in a new game or game upgrade, sponsored streams can also be used to sponsor movies.

So, while the Esports arena is still relatively new in terms of influencer marketing space, it is proving to be a lasting trend in the making. With plenty of room for growth and lots of stones left unturned, it’s never been a better time to look into Esports, and influencer marketing on Twitch.