New Study Shows how the Apps we use Influence our Moods

New research, compiled by Murphy Research on behalf of Snapchat, is shedding light on the way the apps we use can sway our emotions and tech choices. The study, following one thousand and five users ranging in age from 13-44, is showing the true influence of the apps we use from a whole new angle. Find key points and infographics below.


The Apps we Spend Time on Affect our Moods

It’s the kind of statement most would assume, but never think that deeply about. The study showed, however, the content of the app people were using would greatly impress upon their emotional range. For example, Snapchat users reported feeling more lighthearted and silly, while those on Twitter (a major news source for many), said it made them feel anxious or overwhelmed. Since at the time of the study the over saturation of available apps was at a record high, the findings about which apps subjects chose to spend their time on are particularly interesting. The study showed that users frequented certain apps because:

-Snapchat lends itself to intimate conversations with friends and has fun in-app amenities like filters.

-Twitter is sought after for keeping up to date on current events and as a source for breaking news.

-YouTube is thought best for tutorials and videos on favorite hobbies or other topics of personal interest.

-Facebook is for staying in touch with relatives and friends.

-Instagram is best known for following influencers and celebrities.


The research also showed that people are more likely to use different apps in different scenarios. For instance, Snapchat and Twitter are best for using while out-and-about, where YouTube and Facebook see more traffic when users are at home.


You can view more of the studies findings here

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