Google Announces New Cloud Streaming Service

Google just announced a new service that would effectively be a streaming service akin to Netflix-but for gaming. The service, called Stadia, aims to target the expanding market of Esports. In a new study by Seeking Alpha, the announcement finds Google poised to dominate a market that’s projected to reach $180 billion by 2021. Find below some of the key statistics and infographics to know regarding this major move.


Streaming has become a massive and accelerating force in gaming, so whichever platform succeeds in a streamlined cloud streaming system first is set to rule the market. As per the Seeking Alpha study, Google’s Stadia could be this platform because of these advantages:

·       Cloud software solutions get rid of hardware cycles and obsolescence.

·       Gaming will be instant with no downloads or updates needed.

·       The experience will be seamless across all types of screens.

·       The games can be played in their highest settings, a dream most core gamers can't achieve today without spending hundreds of dollars.

·       It offers a way for influencers to interact and play with their audience.

·       It enables eSports competitions that anybody can join from their home.

·       It will have exclusive content that competes with the best-in-class thanks to heavy investment in some of the top talent of the industry.


The approach means gamers will have an inclusive and accessible means with which to up their experience. As Google is one of the first platforms to corner the market at this level, success is almost inevitable. A lot of the specifics of Stadia, such as controller pricing and different models, are still unknown. Early stats are however showing that Google is indeed primed for a forceful approach once it becomes market official.