Marketing for Gen Z Vs. Millennials-5 Tips

In 2018’s social media landscape, the scope and impact of influencer marketing is undeniable.

From Instagram to YouTube, influencers have changed the face of celebrity endorsement, bringing it into a more immediacy-driven and down-to-earth space.  As these influencers and their target demographic begin to age up, however, in-the-know marketers should begin to look ahead-to Generation Z.

Don’t be mistaken-millennial influencers aren’t going anywhere for a very long time, but it would be an ill-advised move to discount the growing power of Gen Z. So where does one begin? With a group so used to at-your-fingertips tech and the unique needs that come along with that terrain, how can marketers keep up? Below we’ve compiled five jumping off points to building around, and interacting with, the up and coming generation.


1. Remember That They’ve Grown up on the Internet

Gen Z is famously the first generation to have grown up in a completely digital space.

Where millennials still remember the telltale screeching of dialup, Gen Z has never known a time without internet or social media. For these reasons, brands should invest time into streamlining their look and experience from online, to in-person, and beyond.


2. Be Short and Concise

While millennials may be known for their short attention spans, Gen Z is ten times more distractible. This in mind, information should be presented in small, easy to digest portions.


3. Don’t Treat Them the Same as Millennials

Marketers should be wary of treating the needs of Gen Z the same as those of millennials.

While the current generation approaches social media in a more traditional sense, Gen Z comparatively prefers more low-key, anonymity-driven platforms like Snapchat. Be adaptable.


4. Bring Authenticity to the Forefront

Gen Z seems to have an innate ability to sniff out insincerity.

For this reason, invest in a brand of influencer marketing that hinges on being genuine. This can be achieved by a quick response time in chat windows, responding to comments on social posts, and more.


5. Use Existing Influencers to Your Advantage

A great way to add humanity to a brand is through established, well-loved personalities.

From YouTube stars to Instagram models, employ faces that instill trust and inspire emulation.