How The French Approach Influencer Marketing

Many brands in France are looking to online lifestyle bloggers and other digital influencers to boost their social media presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook—and attract like-minded customers. But who are these influencers, and what draws them to tout a brand?

Most digital influencers in France are young adults, per January 2017 research by Reech. More than half (54%) of influencers polled were between ages 19 and 30. And, generally speaking, longer-term influencers have more followers than recent arrivals. For example, 55% of those in the survey with at least 100,000 followers reported having an online presence for at least three years.

Lifestyle is by far the most popular content category for digital influencers in France. More than 70% of respondents in Reech’s report said this was their primary topic. Fashion and beauty tied for second place in this ranking, cited by 48.4%. At least a third of influencers also posted items about travel or food.


Among influencers’ preferred platform in the country, a commanding 43% used Instagram, followed by 26.1% who had their own blog. Instagram was especially popular among influencers who had been active for no more than a year, while their older counterparts tended to favor blogging.

Brands in France keep an eye out for people who can attract and persuade their target audiences via social media—and they don’t wait long to approach such candidates. According to Reech, nearly half of digital influencers said a brand connected them within six to 12 months of when they started to post content. Moreover, 41.4% heard from brands between one and three times a week. And most of these influencers had accepted several of these offers: More than two-thirds had partnerships with at least 10 brands.

Influencers who agree to work with brands have several reasons for doing so. Nearly half of respondents said the biggest single factor was the product they were asked to promote.

But values associated with that brand, the way the brand had contacted them and the experience the partnership offered them were also important factors, cited by at least one-third of influencers in the study.


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