4 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Content

At this point in time, nearly 93% of brands use content marketing to help up their social engagement online. With all this effort devoted to content creation, it’s no wonder marketers are constantly looking for innovative ways to repurpose and get twice the bang for their buck. Read on to discover four ways to effectively repurpose your own influencer social content.


Branded Socials

All the top brands have social accounts. From Facebook to Instagram, it’s one of the best ways to connect with consumers. As far as influencer content is concerned, once uploaded you can repurpose it for social posts, Stories, and more. Studies show conversions go up by 10% with influencer created content when its included in the purchase path.

Site Content

These days influencers invest in higher quality images, meaning a lot of their content is already primed for website use. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to double the contents reach and seem relatable in the eyes of your audience.


Paid Ads

In the same vein, organic influencer content can be repurposed into social media ads. Simply locate the most engaging content on the influencers socials and reconfigure it for your needs. With this method especially, the content has already been proven engaging.

Blog Posts

It’s effective and relatively quick to build a blog post around an influencer posting. It can be as easy as writing up a quick intro, or a prompt to view the content at its origin. It’s also a great way to facilitate cross promotion.