4 Ways Instagram Changed the way we Share

Love it or hate it, for better or for worse, Instagram has vastly changed the way in which we view the world and share our stories. In it’s short nine years, the platform has acquired a billion users, created whole aesthetic subsets, and influenced similar apps around it. With its patrons spending hours on it daily, it’s no wonder Instagram has cemented its spot in social media history. Shall we count the ways? It would take a while. So, below find just four of the top ways Instagram has changed social sharing.


It’s Changed the Face of Travel

Instagram has become the go-to app for travel inspiration. Be it looking up the most photo-perfect beach spots, or a search for on-trend food destinations, Instagram has completely reshaped the way we approach trip planning. As a result, tourism boards are reimagining their strategies. If that doesn’t scream big impact, what does?


It’s Facilitated big Food Trends

Speaking of Insta-food, Instagram has facilitated more food trends then we can keep track of. With its rise in popularity, Instagram saw a huge uptick in people sharing pics of their insta-worthy food. Whether snapped for its visuals, or to show off the users inner-foodie, food pics are one of Instagram’s most popular exports. This is mind, more and more chefs and restaurants are battling monthly to create the next grammable recipe. From unicorn lattes to goth donuts, the shift towards aesthetic is palpable.


It’s Updated the way we Speak our Minds

Even with the political, it’s important to keep up to date on the trends of social media. With millions of users, and one-click sharing capacities, Instagram has become an important tool for activism. Considering how susceptible we are to visuals, and how immediacy-driven our society has become, it stands to reason that Instagram has become heavily populated with activism-heavy content. With celebrities and pedestrian users alike able to share their thoughts in succinct, low-committal ways, Instagram has become a political mainstay.


It’s Broadened our View of Beauty

While it’s rise has seen some criticism for the popularization of facetunning and over editing, it’s impossible to deny Instagram’s effect on the way we view beauty. With its community sharing millions of selfies daily, Instagram exposes users to a diverse range of beauty standards. Where in the past individuals had limited exposure to cookie cutter models in magazines, Instagram has proven the importance of representation, and opened the door for the sharing of countless looks and styles.