4 Key Takeaways From the New Mobile Vs. Desktop Traffic Study

This past April, research group Stone Temple released a report of their findings regarding mobile vs. desktop downloads. The study highlighted a lot of key trends and stats surrounding the rise of the mobile web (versus the more established desktop). As of the study, mobile devices make up 42% of total time spent online, and 58% of site visits were on smart phones. All these findings considered, the trajectory is one to keep track of for growing and established brands alike. Below, find four of the most important takeaways from the study.


The Mobile Experience is Still Growing

As mobile interfaces improve, more and more users will come to the table. This in mind, it’s crucial for brands to stay privy to updates and make sure their own mobile web experience is up-to-date. Depending on how heavily you want to invest in your mobile site, it may even be best for some brands to design those first.


Desktop Remains Important

Even with all the growth in mobile, desktop is still very important. A LOT of industry conversions still come from desktop, so if you want to start transitioning to mobile, its sometimes best to do so gradually. This can be achieved by prompting mobile users to engage further on desktop, upping overall synergy.


It’s OK to Compare Yourself

While you’re learning the ropes, it’s more than alright to check in with competitor brands and their mobile approach. By keeping tabs on other mobile sites in your industry, you can compare and contrast data, and see what is working for you and what can be improved.


Speed is King

It’s 2019, many major demographics barely have the patience to get through this article, let alone wait around for a slow mobile site to load. Consider different methods for keeping your site speed as optimized as possible, such as AMP.

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