5 Twitch Streamers to Check Out Now

As we’ve previously reported, Esports is a booming enterprise. From sold out gaming tournaments to full-fledged sponsorship deals, Esports is proving to have major growth potential. Twitch, the most popular livestreaming site amongst gamers and viewers alike, is becoming a commodity in and of itself. Bought by Amazon in 2014 and bringing in around 15 million visitors daily, the platform is primed for unique social advertising opportunities.

All this in mind, it’s no wonder market professionals are starting to see the investment value in full-time Twitch streamers. With some streamers making upwards of 500k a month, live gaming is emerging as a bona fide tool for influencers and influencer marketing. Need more proof? Check out the stats on these five top Twitch streamers below:


Michael Grzesiek

Grzesiek has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 6.7 million on Twitch. His estimated 4-million-dollar net worth and brand deals with Jinx and Madrinas Coffee are nothing to scoff at, either.


Turner Ellis Tenney

Tenney has 5.8 million Insta followers and 6.7 million Twitch viewers. He’s had a bit of drama with his former Esports rep Faze Clan, but the litigation just underlines his high demand.


Timothy John Betar

With a following of 3.9 million on Twitch and 3.1 million on Instagram, it’s no surprise that “Tim the Tat Man” has scored some high-profile brand deals such as Monster Energy and Hershey’s.


Imane Anys

Anys brings a unique feminine presence to the often male-dominated space with her 3.8 million Instagram followers and 3.2 million Twitch fans. She has had many deals and sponsors including Intel, Geico, NFL, and Amazon.


Anne Munition

The somewhat secretive “Anne Munition” caps things off with 550k Twitch followers and 77.4k on Insta. Her brand deals include Amazon and Jinx.

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