5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

Since its inception in 2002, LinkedIn has maintained its spot as the go-to for professional networking. However, even with years and years for users to perfect their approach, many are still only scratching the surface of the platform’s potential. Find below five of our top tips for upping the effectiveness of your presence and boosting your engagement.


Keep Things up to Date

It’s surprisingly easy to let your info get out of date. However, LinkedIn’s users often search on specific criteria, so it’s important to make sure your position, skill sets, and company info are reflective of your current standings.


Put Your Best Photos Forward

LinkedIn is a professional platform and needs to be treated as such. All the photos on your profile, from your main headshot to your background image, should be professional quality and representative of the best assets of your brand.


Make Attention Grabbing Content

Your profile’s content should paint a clear picture of who you are and use attention-grabbing keywords. Make sure your headline and summary are to-the-point and clear, while still illustrating what makes you and your brand unique.


Streamline Your URL

LinkedIn makes it easy to customize and streamline your URL. Doing so makes you easier to both find and remember.


Change Your CTA Button

Your CTA (Call to Action) button is likely set to “follow”. Changing this to “Connect” helps your overall reach and engagement.