5 Sports Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

Being a major fixture in the entertainment arena, sports marketing hasn’t needed to catch up to other staples as quickly. A mainstay of cultures the world over, sports is one of the most solid industries. With more and more competitors turning to a fully digital presence, however, sports marketers are starting to invest their efforts in emerging trends. Find below our top sports marketing trends to keep an eye on.



OTT, or Over The Top, is any product deliverable or content that can be obtained outside of the terminal device. In terms of sports marketing, platforms such as Facebook and Amazon are starting to use OTT in sports rights. Streaming sporting events online is becoming more and more common. With whole sports leagues being purchased for exclusive platform streaming, the opportunities for a sort of vertical integration increase tenfold.



A distinctly digital trend, eSports (professional gamers/gaming team tournaments), is slated to attract over 250 million followers by 2021. Find more on the eSports phenomenon in our other blog post.


Dark Social

Dark Social is in essence any website traffic that is difficult to gauge metrically. Dark Social in fact accounts for over 80 percent of global web traffic. It comes about when social users send each other links through a second party such as Instagram. For sports marketing, some brands are starting to use the happening to their advantage by sending influencers special links. Sending the links via Dark Social avenues then gives the whole exchange a fresh and exclusive feel.



As the planet faces increasing climate issues, the sports world is seeing a positive marketing link. From recycled plastic goods, to “plogging” (collecting garbage while jogging), sports marketers are drawing inspiration from the sustainability efforts of their target demographics.



Yes, women in sports is becoming its own trend. The current global conversation around feminism is spreading to the sports world, with events such as the US women’s soccer team’s World Cup win keeping it going. On the consumer side of things, research shows a steady but strong increase in women buying sports merchandise and other related goods. It’s an example of target group segmentation that actually works out for the better.

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