Top 5 Spooktacular Influencer Campaigns Ideas for Halloween

Ahead of Black Friday, it’s important not to forget about Halloween. With the right idea, a Halloween campaign can be a major center piece of any Fall marketing. But where to begin? With many efforts feeling exhaustive or otherwise overdone, how do you create a campaign that stands out? Below, find five quick ideas for getting started on your own scary good Halloween marketing.


Blog Tour

Any blog is a great jumping off point, but a seasonal blog tour is a great way to revive your engagement and put an Autumnal eye on your aesthetic and message.


DIY Tutorial

This one is a no-brainer because it WORKS. Consumers love feeling involved with a product, so utilize your own in a spooky craft how-to or Fall-themed recipe post.

Facebook Campaign

Making a Facebook specific campaign centered on the season reaches a wide range of prospective clients while still seeming intimate. Make a short video or post a few images as teasers to build anticipation.  


Insta Campaigns

In the same vein, Instagram is a perfect platform for a campaign launch. With major opportunities for cross promotion, take some inspiration from the season and watch the ideas flow from there.

Live Stream

This increasingly popular video format allows brand ambassadors to connect with potential clients in an inviting and informal way. For Halloween, try an on-theme product demonstration or craft.

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