5 Factors That Set LinkedIn Advertising Apart From Other Platforms

Having already established itself as the go-to professional networking platform, moving into advertising was a next logical step. What some initially rode off as fad is however proving itself to have major staying power, with advertisers realizing the investment value in a business-centric platform. With great potential for synergy and room to expand within the growing program, LinkedIn advertising could be a great fit for your company. Read on to find five key factors that set them apart from other platforms.


It’s the Original

As stated above, LinkedIn is THE original professional networking platform. Though at 600 million it’s user base is smaller than its contemporaries, the trade-off is that every user is there for business. This in mind, all advertising ventures within the field practically double in efficiency.


More Direct Targets

In the same vein, business-minded users makes it infinitely easier to target the most relevant audiences for your product or services, as well as potential collaborators. LinkedIn also has unique algorithms that can sort people by professional background, degree, job title, and more.


Higher Conversion Rates

Due to its environment and algorithms, LinkedIn is also primed for high visitor-to-lead conversions. LinkedIn’s singular focus and driven users equal an impossible to replicate network.


Huge ROI Potential

Though a bit pricier than other platforms, LinkedIn advertising is worth it in the long run for the right brand. In terms of ROI, LinkedIn advertisers are seeing major success. So, while it may be a few dollars more per daily spend, you are all but guaranteed a higher quality return.


Lead-Generating Tools

LinkedIn offers amazing tools to aid your advertising ventures such as Matched Audiences, a program that allows businesses to match data to user-generated content. Other tools and specially formulated algorithms give LinkedIn ads a definite edge over other, more general platforms.

Social MediaVicki Frid