5 Influencer Marketing Mistakes Brands Make

With a marketing space as broad and relatively new as influencer marketing, brands are bound to make mistakes. Jumping into a trend without doing too much preliminary research can be tempting, but it leads to many potential pitfalls. To help you in avoiding common errors, find below five top tips for getting your plan in order before investing in your next influencer marketing venture.


Big Name Tunnel Vision

To the uninitiated, it may seem like a no brainer to only put spend in celebrity or macro influencers. However, a big follower count is far from the only thing an influencer needs to work for your brand. Depending on your needs, a smaller influencer with a corner on your target market, or someone with values closely aligning with your own, will be a much better fit.

Only Looking at the Top

On a similar note, it can actually work against you to only collaborate with influencers at the top of your niche. The bigger the influencer, the more brand deals they get and post about. Research is showing that this can in fact desensitize the content creator’s audience, leading them to question their authenticity and become less impressionable.

Thinking More Influencers Equals More Work

At surface level, it’s understandable to assume that working with a large pool of influencers is going to be more of an undertaking then singling out one or two. In the grand scheme of things, however, employing a group of micro influencers can cultivate an environment with a lot more flexibility and content reach. It’s all about working out your campaign needs and goals beforehand.


Prioritizing Branding Over Collaborator

This one is a bit more abstract, but lots of brands can be guilty of it. At the end of the day, keep in mind that your chosen influencer or pool of influencers were picked because of their audience, aesthetic, values, etc. The most successful influencer marketing is executed in a way that highlights the influencer, making the collaboration seem effortless and authentic.

Not Putting in the Time

It seems obvious, but it’s crucial to make sure your strategy, goals, and timeline are one hundred percent in order before the campaign launches. Influencer marketing that is built on a foundation of assuming the content creator will handle everything is doomed to fail. Schedule check-ins, offer resources, and make sure the process is a team effort.