FB Creative Shop Releases Tool to Convert Still Images to Video

Video content is seeing the best response across all social media platforms

so to help us in our production of such content, Facebook’s Creative Shop team has put together a new production approach called Create to Convert.

Create to Convert will enable advertisers to add lightweight motion to still images, making for video-like ads. Doing so relieves agencies of the workload of regular video creation, instead transforming still images with small amounts of activity. How you choose to employ the transformation, however, is another question. Facebook offers a list of the various ways the new process can be used: 


Basic motion

Animate your still image by adding only one or two elements of motion in a few seconds and include a call-to-action (CTA) card at the end to drive your desired business outcome.

Brand in motion

Bring the elements of your brand or logo to life in a few seconds to promote brand recognition and then add a CTA card at the end to drive action.

Benefit in motion

Bring the key benefit or message of your ad to life through animation in a few seconds. This could be a product benefit, a special offer or discount, a testimonial or product variety. Highlighting the benefit will illuminate the value to your audience and adding a CTA at the end will enable them to easily take the next step toward conversion.

Demo in motion

Focus motion on demonstrating how your app, website, service, product or feature works. Show people how to navigate your offerings and include a CTA at the end to enable them to seamlessly take action right from your ad.

The announcement post for the new tool did not include an explanation of the actual process of using Create to Convert, which means it's probably not a self-serve option.

To take advantage of it, advertisers will likely need to contact the Creative Shop team to work out an approach on an individual basis.

The Creative Shop team itself includes more than 250 creative strategists across 40 Facebook offices around the world, and has been expanding steadily for the past two years. As Fast Company explains, “The Creative Shop collaborates with marketers and agencies to create brand campaigns that best utilize Facebook and Instagram’s social environments, using its comprehensive consumer insight data to inform creative solutions.”

With the stats where the are on the efficacy of video ads, providing this option has a clear benefit for advertisers. Facebook says that 60% of brands who have utilized these new techniques saw improved outcomes, like better conversion rates and lower ad cost. 

Another way Facebook is empowering brands to create video content is through their new guide, “Creative Considerations for Driving Action.

This guide outlines how to make the best possible use of Facebook’s various ad formats to drive audience response. 

Among their key pieces of advice, Facebook recommends: 

  • Using static images and video together 
  • Having a clear message and focal point 
  • Optimizing video ads for mobile viewing

Included in the full guide are many other important, data-backed Facebook ad tips that will help shape your strategy.

But the important takeaway here is that adding even small amounts of motion to your content can increase its value. 


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