New Name, New Format for Facebook's 'Canvas' Ads

Facebook is renaming its immersive “Canvas” ad system as part of an all around upgrade of the social media platform’s engagement options.

The newly dubbed “Instant Experience” ads were first introduced in 2016 and allowed businesses to offer what are essentially mini-websites within Facebook.


Coming around to the idea that “Canvas” may not may not be the most illuminating moniker, Facebook said this about the rebranding:

“Instant Experience better reflects what this ad solution offers people. Over the past year, the number of Instant Experience campaigns has more than doubled and Instant Experiences are loading faster than ever - now 15x faster than standard mobile websites - to seamlessly connect people to businesses.”

The professional ad option is also getting a few operational improvements, including faster load times and better performance. It also features four templates for your ad experience, all usable in both Facebook and Instagram:

  • Instant Storefront: For all the product sellers out there, this template presents your wares in a grid format for easy shopping.

  • Instant Lookbook: Perfect for lifestyle brands, this template allows businesses to layout their products in context so customers can picture their products in action.

  • Instant Customer Acquisition: This template drives customer engagement with a clear call to action for visitors.

  • Instant Storytelling: With the ability to display images and videos, this template helps businesses tell their story and give potential customers a better feel for their brand.

In addition to these models, Facebook is also rolling out a new template called “Instant Form,”

which helps customers easily share their contact information to learn more about businesses.

These eye-catching improvements are certainly going to be effective in driving viewership, especially with new integration of Facebook Pixel and other third-party pixels.

According to Facebook, “The Facebook Pixel will now be automatically added to Instant Experiences for any advertiser using the Facebook Pixel on their website. This will enable businesses to re-engage with customers who interacted with their Instant Experience.”

The new “Instant Experience” provides fast loading and immersive capacity

that makes the customer experience easier and more appealing on both computers and mobile devices. While it still may be simpler to whip up a News Feed ad, the “Instant Experience” is a worthwhile tool for anyone looking to make a stronger impact.

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