Facebook Adds "Flight Ads" Variant to Travel Ads

The Travel Ads feature on Facebook received an update this week,

improving on the Dynamic Ads for Travel format to include a 'Flight Ads' variant.

The new feature will allow airline to reach potential travelers based on their activity on other flight-related Pages, apps, and websites. Facebook explains further:


"For example, let’s say people are looking at holiday trips to Mexico by browsing several airline sites and flight pricing apps. Airline brands will now be able to use Flight Ads to reach those people with tailored ads promoting relevant flight routes. In addition, travelers that visit a travel-related Facebook Page, but have not yet chosen a trip destination may see an ad to visit an airline brand’s site."

Before the upgrade, airlines could use Flight Ads to re-target customers who had already visited their site or app in search of a specific flight.

Now, however, airlines can act on displays of interest from a user for travel in general. Opening up prospecting for flight ads has already brought results to business like Air France, who used the tool to acquire new US customers, drive targeted search volume to its site, and lower the cost per search by 66%. Airfare forecasting app Hopper saw a 20% drop in its cost per app installed using Flight Ads. 

This move makes a lot of sense for Facebook,

who conducted a study back in 2016 that found that 53% of travelers had found holiday inspiration from the platform.

Those same users were also spending 5x more of their planning time on Facebook, rather than travel-related apps and sites. The Flight Ads feature builds on the Trip Consideration option Facebook added to the Travel Ads tool set in March. With the addition of this prospecting option, brands who take advantage of the feature will be better able to tap into the pool of user intent. 


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