The FaceApp #AgeChallenge is filling Instagram with pictures of old people

While most photo apps and cameras are now geared towards making you look better, the latest craze on social media is an app that lets people know what they may look like when they’re older. FaceApp, which allows people to transform their appearances with just a filter, has resulted in social media being flooded with photos of elderly-looking celebrities and people using the hashtag #FaceAppChallenge.

To take part in the challenge, all you have to do is download the app, select a photo of yourself (or anyone else) to drastically age and then try out the free old option in the age section of the app. It then edits your chosen face by giving it wrinkles, grey hair and other little details which combine to create a very old face. Naturally, people are running wild with it online, as they share what their faces would look like in 60 years; and let's be honest, the 'old' selfies look extremely realistic. 

Here's what our favorite celebrities and influencer on social media look like with it.



Both, Fedez and Chiara Ferragni seem to have aged pretty well together.



Actor and talk show host Busy Philipps seemed content with her aged look, writing, “I mean...probs.”



Drake had his Instagram followers trying their hand at comedy when he shared an image of himself looking visibly older with a caption that read: "Best caption wins ovo tickets." Considering how shockingly expensive this year's OVO tickets are, you can imagine how many people tried to whip up a hilarious line for a chance to score big.



The 'old' version of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.



The Jonas Brothers showed they’ll be aging like fine wine with an image captioned “When you take a trip to the Year 3000.”