Exploring an Always-On Influencer Strategy

As marketers find more and more success with influencer campaigns, they have begun exploring the various ways to leverage this tool to its fullest ability.

To that end, long-term influencer campaigns are on the rise, courted for the set of advantages they afford which are unique to sustainable partnerships. Read on to discover why your brand should settle in for the long haul with an always-on influencer strategy.



At this point, it should be no surprise to marketing teams that today’s consumers are hungry for authenticity.

And the longer the campaign, the more authentic the partnership feels. One-off paid posts provide a certain measure of exposure, but if an influencer integrates a brand’s products into their content over a long period of time, their followers are exponentially more likely to view the influencer’s endorsement as genuine. With long-term support from an influencer, an audience’s trust and confidence in a brand strengthens, and is more likely to create a web of organic brand-supporting content branching from the original influencer.



Consistency is key.

To resonate best with your demographic, you must repeat your fundamental message over and over, reiterating the brand’s core qualities and personality. This is a much simpler process through an always-on campaign, which will generate a steady trickle of organic content that will ensure audiences both see and ultimately remember your message. If users check in on their favorite influencers multiple times a day, your brand’s enduring presence within their everyday activity makes it far more likely that they will remember it.


Creative Freedom

Benefitting from the authenticity provided by an influencer means offering them a certain amount of decision-making agency.

With a long-term campaign, your influencers will become intimately acquainted with your company, developing a solid understanding of your key message, your preferred audience, and your brand’s personality. Make use of the insights they can offer on your consumer base, and allow them creative freedom.


Affiliate Programs

Pursuing a long-term influencer campaign can open the door for future affiliate programs.

With the performance-based compensation model that affiliate programs employ, influencers are motivated over longer periods of time. Payment is based on either a percentage of sales or conversions, which will likely mean sustainable returns on your investment in your influencer, at minimal risk.


Long-Term Value

An always-on influencer campaign is a way to build a new network of loyal customers to your brand, while at the same time, reducing the human effort required in your own marketing department.

Audiences may not rush to the checkout after seeing your product for the first time, but the likelihood of a completed purchase skyrockets the third or fourth time they’re exposed to your products through the voice of someone they trust. And since influencers are constantly producing content on their own, you’re free to focus on other tasks as they showcase your product on social media networks.


Explore an always-on strategy to see results that are enduring, organic, and low in both risk and effort.

By signing influencers for long term endorsements, brands can take advantage of the benefits that come exclusively from sustainable creative partnerships. 

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