Dynamic Ads: A Facebook Marketer's Superpower

Ever find yourself in the situation where you see an ad that feels like it was sent to you and only you, as if the advertiser read your mind? While we social media marketers would love to be able to read our target audience’s minds, we can’t. But we do have a superpower that comes pretty close, dynamic ads on Facebook’s Business Manager.

Let’s jump straight in - what are dynamic ads

Facebook’s dynamic ads allow you to re-market your website’s products, showing each user the content that is most relevant to them. Say a potential customer is browsing your online store, reviewing all the items, and has an actual interest in purchasing – but gets distracted and abandons the shopping spree. With dynamic ads you can still reach that exact customer, showing them the exact items that they had shown purchase intent in. In fact, you can do this across Facebook’s and Instagram’s placements as well as Facebook’s audience networks.  

Why should you start running dynamic ads?

By showing each customer tailor-made ads, marketers can remind them of products they had forgotten, create urgency, and offer special deals tailored to the potential clients’ interests. It’s almost as if you are reading the users’ minds. Such tailor-made approaches increase the value the advertisements have on the audience, benefitting a brand’s overall social media performance. 

In addition, dynamic ads automate the workflow for the marketer. Dynamic ads are created by linking a product catalog to the website’s pixel events, which is simply uploading creative content onto Facebook that matches what is presented on the website. By installing a Pixel, Facebook knows what content the audience has seen.

Go for Dynamic Ads, go for Gold

In a nutshell, this means that instead of setting up multiple campaigns with multiple ads/creatives, one product catalog is uploaded generating automatically the ads/creatives featuring products most relevant to your audience. 

Dynamic ads should be part of any modern business’ social media strategy. It is the best way to maximise the return of your ad spend. If you would like to get a taste of the possibilities with dynamic ads, Facebook collected some simple best practices here.

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