Don't Overlook The Obvious: Thanksgiving Food

The holidays, especially Thanksgiving, is a period of shared cultural experiences rooted in longstanding traditions. People relate to each other on a broader scale during these special times, thus more organically respond to social media posts expressing these commonalities. Social media content is essentially built in to holidays as well, with visuals galore, from watching parades stroll through town to families exchanging gifts and other oft chronicled events.

If the primary purpose of social media is to generate stronger connections between people globally, it makes sense that the holidays see a particularly high volume of posts. This allows for endless marketing opportunities to capitalize on this traffic.

Thanksgiving is a prime seasonal moment ideal for social media marketing. Like other holidays, almost everyone across the United States and Canada is doing the same thing at the same time, from cooking to eating…and then eating seconds, and, finally, dessert. So there’s plenty of easily contrived content, especially in the form of internet-published recipes and #foodporn. Thanksgiving also has something else that no other holiday can claim: it kicks off the commerce craze in the run up to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the rest of the winter holidays.

Social media marketing is clearly a must during Thanksgiving, and with influencer campaigns bringing massive success to brands, here are a few Turkey Day-cookin’ folk with big followings on various platforms that your brand might want to consider reaching out to:

  1. Laura in the Kitchen

This YouTuber has already posted dozens of Thanksgiving Day recipes, with more certainly to come. Though lots of people publish videos related to this cooking day of days, Laura here boasts more than 3 million followers, and her posts routinely see hundreds of thousands—of not millions—of views.

2. Thanksgiving Recipes on FB

There’s a healthy handful of Facebook pages that post Thanksgiving Day-themed content, but this one has more than 24,000 likes, and is loaded with authentic recipes posted by users far and wide. Perhaps you can convince them to drop in some well-timed, tasteful images or videos to boost your brand?


3. The Mediterranean Dish

Though a bit of a curveball, we recommend this Instagram page — connected to a cooking blog by the same name, run by a woman who identifies herself as Suzy —that’s rife with images and videos of Mediterranean-style fare with a Southern twist. She’s already recommending some unique dishes you might not have thought of including in your Thanksgiving feast, like these roasted potatoes. In the context of this article, though, most importantly, The Mediterranean Dish has more than 72,000 delicious followers.

4. Kitchen Konfidence

Run by a man from San Diego identifying himself only as Brandon, the cooking blog Kitchen Konfidence sports thousands of Facebook and Instagram followers, and garners 286,000-plus monthly viewers on Pinterest. Brandon has also put out a cookbook, so he must be doing something right! His recipe for bourbon pumpkin pie with pecan crumble is definitely oh-so-right.