Cross-posting From Facebook to Instagram is Finally Possible


Back in October, Facebook began testing the ability for users to cross-post single image Facebook updates to Instagram.

This option could have a significant impact in expanding the potential of Instagram Stories, and is very much in keeping with the gradual integration of the company’s various apps. Finally, the cross-posting update has been spotted in the wild.


Influencer Dhariana Lozano spotted the cross-posting tool, but there’s no word as to how widespread it is yet.

Multi-image posts will likely be added in the future, but for the moment, it’s single image posts only. 

The update seems pretty natural-- after all, you can already create Facebook advertisements that cross-post to Instagram. However, formatting is different on Instagram, so watch out for inconsistencies and account for any adjustments you may have to make between the two platform displays. 

Now, it's true that you can already cross-post your Instagram stories to Facebook, but Instagram-specific functionalities like polls, sliders, and ‘swipe up’ links aren't available on Facebook.

Not only can you now cross-post from Insta stories to Facebook stories, your Facebook Stories also appear in Messenger Day (and vice versa!). Facebook is also working on the option to cross-post from WhatsApp Status to Instagram Stories.

There are a lot of crossover developments happening between the multitude of platforms, but before too long, we probably won’t need to track them individually. It’s likely that cross-posting will become possible between just about every Facebook platform. But be wary of formatting differences, and of changes that might get lost in translation. You will also need to experiment and judge whether your audience appreciates seeing the exact same content on each platform. It saves time, but may result in attention lost, so watch your analytics carefully to see the result of adopting a cross-posting strategy. 

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