Cross-Posting From Facebook to Instagram Now in Testing

In an attempt to further the gradual integration of The Social Network’s various apps, Facebook is testing the ability for users to cross-post single image Facebook updates to their Instagram feeds.

Influencers like Dhariana Lozano and Mari Smith have spotted this tool in action, but it’s impossible to say how widely available it is at present. For now, the ability seems limited to single image posts, although given Instagram’s current capacity to add multiple pictures to a single post, multi-picture crossovers will likely be available in the future.

It makes sense for Facebook to offer this ability-- after all, you can already create Facebook ads that cross-post to Instagram. But anyone attempting to use the new tool should be wary, as content might be formatted differently between platforms.

This goes for Instagram Stories as well

while your stories can already be cross-posted to Facebook, some of Instagram’s special effects (like polls and ‘swipe up’ links) are not available on Facebook.

In short, Facebook is adding more ways to connect your accounts across different platforms, and is now testing the ability to send single-image Facebook posts to Instagram. However, you’ll need to consider your strategy carefully if you choose to take advantage of these emerging abilities. On one hand, it could be a huge time-saver if you become able to cross-post all your updates to every Facebook platform in just one click. On the other hand, are you sure your audience wants to see the exact same content on each platform? Time saved may also result in attention lost if you fail to factor in the sensibilities of your consumer base.


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