TOP TEN: German Photo Bloggers You'll Love


Germany is known for its innovative photographers,

with the likes of Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth exhibiting their works worldwide. However, with the rise of Instagram, there is a new breed of German photographer rising through the ranks. From pioneering fashionistas in Berlin to surreal art photographers in Hamburg, here is a list of the top eleven German Instagrammers you need to follow.


Robert Jahns


Robert Jahns is an Art Director and Digital Artist based in Hamburg. Photography had always been a passion of his, and his Instagram certainly shows his talent for image making. His works are awe-inspiring surreal cityscapes all made using various apps on his iPhone. Carefully edited, the resulting photographs are highly polished and incredible works of art. A must follow for art photography lovers, with each picture making you look twice.



Uwa Scholz


Berlin based street photographer Uwa Scholz reveals a different side to the city on her Instagram. Highlighting and documenting the German capital’s unique subcultures and eccentricities, Uwa’s photographs display her passion for the city. Artful shots of architecture and poignant portraits are scattered across Uwa’s Instagram feed. For a refreshing perspective of Berlin, beyond the traditional tourist imagery of the city, Uwa is must follow.


Masha Sedgwick


Running a successful blog since 2010, Masha Sedgwick’s Instagram also demonstrates her love of cutting-edge fashion, epic travels and the Berlin lifestyle. Her profile shows her own unique personal style and striking selfies, as well as snapshots of her day-to-day life. For those who love fashion or are full of wanderlust, Masha is one Instagram to follow for a daily dose of beautiful photography.



Anna-Lea Popp


Anna-Lea Popp is already known for her famous fashion blog Fashion Hippie Love. Anna-Lea’s Instagram reveals her unique, innovative style, particularly her focus on accessories, her love of classical forms and bold colours, as well as her everyday life in Stuttgart. With beautiful shots of ahead-of-the-trend outfits, floral still-life and also delicious food, following Anna-Lea’s Instagram will brighten up your daily feed.



Marta Greber


A strong believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Marta Greber also shares her passion for healthy and tasty morning eats on her Instagram. Owner of the popular food blog What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today, Marta’s Instagram profile has a rustic, homely vibe, and consists of bird’s eye shots of delectable breakfasts, from fruit salads to hearty brunches. She also shares pictures of various cafes and restaurants she visits, as well as other scenes from her travels around the world.

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Selim Varol


Nothing compares to Selim Varol’s impressive art and toy collection. Born in Turkey, but raised in Germany, Selim is not only a big name in the collector’s circles of Dusseldorf, but his vast collection is also known internationally, with his works often included in exhibitions worldwide. His Instagram features pictures of the best in contemporary street art and toy art, from the likes of Barry McGee bottles, Shepard Fairey prints and Mr Peanut statues. For a more quirky and surreal Instagram, Selim’s profile is worth watching.



Chaim Machlev


One of the most sought after tattoo artists in Berlin, Chaim Machlev shows the very best of his tattoo and graphic designs on his Instagram. His minimal dot and line tattoos show influences of modern art in their precise, geometric patterns. His works also incorporate traditional elements, but with a more contemporary twist. His profile features finished tattoo pieces as well as works in progress and illustrations of his ideas. If you are interested in body art and contemporary tattoo culture, Chaim should be at the top of your list.



Joerg Nicht


Documenting city life in Berlin is the iPhone street photographer Joerg Nicht. His Instagram aims to capture the movement of the city, with wide shots of Berlin streets and silhouetted portraits. When Joerg is not snapping Germany’s capital, he also photographs other cities on his travels, such as Paris, Istanbul and Bologna. Coming from a social studies background, Joerg is interested in the way cities function and how people interact with their space. He also tried to experiment with photographic techniques, such as lenses and lighting, and the results are visible on his intriguing Instagram feed.



Michael Schulz


An Instagram user since 2010, Michael Schulz has called Berlin his home since 2003. Working as a concept developer and interaction architect, Michael takes expressionistic photographs of Berlin and other famous cities he visits. His Instagram focuses on the architecture of each city, from cutting-edge contemporary design, to abandoned but intriguing ruins. His profile depicts Berlin and other locations from interesting viewpoints and perspectives, making him a must follow for anyone who loves traveling and urban life.


Thomas Kakareko


Capturing the life and times of people in Berlin is Thomas Kakareko. His Instagram often consists of black and white snapshots of people going about their daily lives mixed with wider colorful landscape photographs of the city. However, it is always the people of the city that interest him. With each picture, Thomas tells a story about Berlin and everyday life in the city. His attention to detail and photographic style is similar to the likes of Eugène Atget. Street photography is a big part of Thomas’ life, and his dedication to it is evident through his Instagram.



Linda Berlin


The aesthetic beauty of Berlin is brought to life by Instagram user Linda Berlin. This young photographer has the ability to seize the essence of the city, and to portray unusual and interesting vistas of Berlin. Her Instagram aims to challenge the stereotypes and touristic appearance of the city, lifting the lid on Berlin’s unique German culture. Her photographs appear to be simple in style, but display a large amount of detail and personality. She is particularly interested in the forgotten parts of the city, and giving them a new lease of life.

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